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  • Experienced Teacher – Your child will be under the guidance of a former Head of Department with twelve years of teaching experience in our local primary schools.

  • Customised Lessons – :Every child is unique. Lessons will be customised to suit your child’s learning needs so that they can reach their full potential.

  • Engaged Learning – Your child will learn various strategies for each component of the English Language paper and problem solving techniques to master Math concepts through fun and meaningful activities.

  • Learning Style – Choose to have individual attention in a one to one setting or learn in a group setting of no more than four pupils.

Our Subject Specialities

What We Teach & What We Do Best

Student Retention Rate

The figures below are indicators of the quality of teaching we provide.
Primary School English 100%
Primary School Maths 100%
Secondary School English 100%
small-for-tabs01Our aim is for your child to love reading, speak confidently and write creatively. Engaging teaching materials will be used to develop your child’s interest in the language. Moreover, useful strategies will be shared for areas like writing and comprehension.
A good command of the English Language is a life skill that will prove invaluable throughout the life of your child.
small-for-tabs01Does your child experience difficulty in solving Math problems because he/she is unable to apply basic concepts? Or is he/she taught some unique method that is difficult to replicate?
Our aim is for your child to gain mastery of mathematical concepts through an emphasis on processes such as heuristics and thinking skills.
Your child will learn how to apply these problem solving skills effectively.

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